Cultural Intelligence is a social enterprise which helps communities and public-facing organisations in the East of England to improve their services and to shape creative solutions to social challenges.

We work by embracing the creativity, knowledge and experience of the people most effected by a service or challenge. We have special expertise in working with ‘hard to engage’ groups such as disaffected young people, asylum seekers and people with mental health issues and working on sensitive issues such as bereavement and sexual health.

Examples of our methods include creative engagement  ethnography  appreciative inquiry  customer journey mapping, storytelling and deliberative events. Whenever we can, we stay involved beyond the research and design stage to support the implementation of the change generated by our work.

We were incorporated as Cultural Intelligence Ltd in 1999.

What is a social enterprise?

SEUKA social enterprise is an organisation which exists primarily to deliver social value. It may make profit but the majority of that profit is used to deliver its social value. Cultural Intelligence Ltd has adopted social objects within its Memorandum of Association. These are:

a)       To support public and third sector organisations to better design the services they offer by embracing the creativity, experience, expertise and commitment of the people they affect.

b)       To provide inquiry, research, evaluation, consultation and engagement services particularly those which give voice to groups of people that are rarely heard, hard to engage or marginalised so that their needs can be better met.

c)       To design, trial and promote new initiatives which lead to positive innovation in the communities of the East of England.

The company has a policy which limits the maximum total remuneration of its employees and working Directors to NJC scale point 49 in order that profit is devoted to fulfilling our social objects.