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Foster Carers Wanted

My name is Amiee and I work for Suffolk County Council in the Fostering and Adoption team. We are continually trying to promote and raise the awareness of the need for more foster carers and adopters in Suffolk.

There are around 750 children in care in Suffolk.

Suffolk wants all children in its care to have a permanent, safe home in which they will be loved, nurtured and thrive. For some this will be with members of their family, while for others the best option for them will be to be adopted or be with a permanent fostering family.

Our new campaign highlights the heartbreakingly simple dreams of young people to be part of a loving family and calls upon caring people to help make this a reality.

Both the Fostering and Adoption Services are constantly seeking to recruit more people to care for the County’s children, and in particular carers for:

  • older children – there is even a special fostering scheme for teenagers
  • brothers and sisters to grow up together
  • children with disabilities

We are asking for your support in our ongoing efforts to recruit more carers and adopters for children, some of whom are likely to be from your own communities.

We know that people who consider fostering or adoption are more likely to be community minded and to be involved, either as volunteering or taking part in, community groups and activities like yours.

Many people have considered fostering for many years before they finally decide to take things further. Recruiting carers and adopters therefore very much involves us getting the message across in as many ways and times as we can, and we cannot do this alone. We are also very mindful of the pressures on council budgets.

We are therefore very much hoping that you can help us in the following ways:

  • Adding the information onto your website if you have one (please find Giff’s attached), and providing a link to our own site
  • Sending our information electronically through any email lists you have
  • Telling us about any events you might be arranging which you would be happy for us to attend to raise awareness or to display a banner
  • Maybe it would be useful for us to come and visit your group to explain more about fostering and/or adoption
  • Placing our advert or editorial in any newsletters or brochures you have

Future Labs for Suffolk Libraries


suffolk libraries future labs



Just like the NHS, libraries in Britain have a vital and unique place in British society. Besides providing free access to books and music, they provide access to the information we need to pursue our careers, improve our health, sort out our money.

Libraries signpost us to opportunities to improve our health, enjoy our leisure and enhance our education. They provide a free sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life and generally help us navigate through life. Their role has changed so much, and if anything, the pace of change is speeding up not slowing down as libraries help us engage with the ever more complex demands of a digital world.

The Future Labs, running first in Lowestoft and Ipswich and then in other settings around the country, will involve Suffolk people in helping to explore how libraries can better support their lives and what libraries can do in the future to enrich their lives.

The group in Ipswich will include people aged 15 to 21 years old and in Lowestoft people aged 18+ who have had tough times in their lives.

If you fit these groups and would be interested in participating, follow these links to find out more and register your interest LOWESTOFT / IPSWICH or BRANDON / LEISTON

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