Future generations

This theme is about helping to ensure that children and young people have the best start in life.

This means helping to ensure that families are supported effectively in order to help them provide a secure and positive environment for children to grow up. It means helping to ensure that they grow up healthy with access to mental and physical health services that suit their needs and it means making a contribution to improving young people’s experience of education.

It is also important to ensure that young people have a role in shaping the policies that effect them.

Examples of projects delivered under this theme

  • Contributed to the development of Shout Out Suffolk. A programme of consultation with young people developed in association with the Royal Society of Arts and University Campus Suffolk as part of the Raising The Bar initiative. More here.
  • Developed a tool to support the measurement of Risk and Resilience in young people effected by parental alcohol or substance misuse
  • Developed Voyage to Success 2012. A once in a lifetime opportunity for disadvantaged young people from every part of the UK to participate in a major sea voyage to build self reliance and confidence. This was one of only a few national Inspire events as part of London 2012.
  • Conducted a summative evaluation of the NORCAS one to one service for young people with problematic substance misuse. More here.
  • Conducted a summative evaluation of the NORCAS detached programme too reach young people at significant risk of misusing alcohol and/or substances
  • Conducted a summative evaluation of NORCAS programme of substance and alcohol education in schools and youth settings. More here.


We are currently developing a groundbreaking initiative to support young people in Suffolk in designing innovative responses to the challenges they face. We are also working with Suffolk County Council in developing innovative ways for professionals to engage with families with multiple and complex challenges.