Skills: HEAR, CREATE, Sustainable communities, Living & ageing well

Local & Wise

With an significantly ageing population in Suffolk, the Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board has given key priority to finding ways to improve the resilience of older people so that they can enjoy health and independence well into their advanced years.This will involve communities in changing to better support people in their older years through improved design of local facilities, social interaction and services.

The subject was adopted as the subject for the Board’s annual stakeholder conference for 2013 which was attended by  the most significant agencies from the Chief Constable to the key figures from NHS Trusts.

The Health and Wellbeing Board invited Cultural Intelligence to design an experiential learning experience for the delegates which would allow 150 delegates to explore together the issues that face communities as they try to evolve as places that better support older people living independently.

We designed and exercise called Local & Wise. The aim was to have delegates, many of whom have senior positions dealing daily with complex macro-strategic issues, learn from considering their own home community and consider what needs to happen for it to become a community that helps build the resilience of older people.

In advance of the day, delegates were invited to consider their own community environment and tasked with submitting images of features that help contribute to the independence of older people. These images were printed and because one of the resources used to produce Books of Wisdom. Unusually for a conference, delegates were grouped by where they live or know best in Suffolk. This meant that they were working with people from their own neighborhood to consider its challenges and opportunities .

The groups produced Books of Neighbourhood Wisdom exchanging ideas with groups from other communities. 

After the event, the 13 books they were produced were merged into one book which is available for download. Suffolk Book of Neighborhood Wisdom.