Skills: CREATE, Living & ageing well

Resilience in older years

Most people want to live long and healthy lives and die peacefully asleep in their bed at home. Taking the right steps at the right time can help us achieve this.

Suffolk County Council wanted to find out how it can effectively communicate the steps that older people should be taking to give themselves the best chance to live the life they want in their later years.

Cultural Intelligence recommended research with two distinct sets of active older people. The first were broadly representative of most older people in the county living in towns and villages, owning their own homes and with some investment income.

The second group were older people who live in Wards with high Indices of Multiple Deprivation, who don’t own their own homes and have a higher likelihood of dependency.

70 people aged between 60 and 94 took part in focus groups providing a range of useful feedback. Communication materials were created and tested through some further groups.

The project provided valuable insight into the differing attitudes among different demographic groups and provided clear and unexpected guidance to successful communication with these groups