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Information for marginalised adults

Suffolk County Council was developing a new Information Strategy for adults living in the county. They needed research to identify issues and opportunities which could be addressed through the strategy and commissioning plan.The council particularly needed to explore the experience of adults with learning disabilities, with physical disabilities, with mental health issues, family carers, older people and people with English as a secondary language.

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Alison Wheeler, Head of Information, Advice and Library Services

We recommended a solution drawing on creative consultation and working with Artist Caroline Wright, we developed a ‘board game’ called The Information Game in which small groups embarked on a number of hypothetical information quests such as ‘Your partner has a long-term condition and can no longer use the stairs, how will you find the information you need to address the situation.’ Players followed a set of Tasks and had their progress impeded or helped from time to time through Chance Cards. Evidence was collected using video interview, annotations on the game board, post-its, group discussion and story-telling.

Eighteen groups were conducted

The study is having a significant impact on the way in which Suffolk County Council and its partners enable adults in Suffolk to access information about important issues such as health and well-being, housing, employment and training, education, money, transport and leisure. Download the summary report

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