Sustainable communities

Life is changing faster than ever before as populations age, economies evolve and society evolves. With this change comes a need for communities to adapt to new realities and expectations. This theme is about helping communities and those that work with them to help make the changes they need to ensure that they have a secure and positive future and that they are ready to embrace emerging opportunities.

We work with organisations that have statuary responsibility for delivering to services to communities to help them make sure that their offer has a strong fit with those communities particularly those that are marginalised.

Examples of projects under this theme include

The Information Game was a programme of consultation for Suffolk County Council with marginalised groups of adults including people with mental health issues,  people with physical and/or learning disabilities, frail older people, and asylum seekers to explore their need for information and how they can be better enabled to access the information they need to lead a full life. Our study informed a range of commissioned services to provide information for all adults in Suffolk.


We are developing plans for place-based work to co-produce communities that are ready for the steadily rising population of people living with dementia. We are also keen to work in the field of community safety.