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A landmark in Ci’s two year social impact study for the addiction charity NORCAS has been reached with the publication of a summary report which brings together the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the study to provide a full picture of the difference made by three different NORCAS programmes to the lives of clients and to the work of the different sectors including health, criminal justice and local authorities.

Key outcomes from the programmes include: improved general health, increased self-respect and improved mental wellbeing, improved relationships with family and friends, a reduction in criminal and anti-social behavior, more stable housing situations, progress towards education, training and work and greater financial stability.

We have plans to revist the sample of clients involved in this study to learn more about how the effects of the programmes are sustained 12 months after a NORCAS programme ends.

The social return-on-investment for each programme ranged from 1:3 to 1:19. Full details are provided in technical report on the outcomes survey.

You can download the summary report here : True Stories|Real Value Summary Findings

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